Close to our hearts


The Leeds University Ball takes place at the end of each academic year for the graduates to celebrate their time at university. Providing the event décor for the Leeds Ball is a project close to our hearts, as we have been providing Leeds University with these services since 2018.

A fabulous,
memorable send off

The brief

We wanted to engage the students in an immersive event and give them a unique and memorable send off to the end of their university experience. The theme for the event was pattern, which we incorporated into the design across the different elements.

The challenge

We provided full event décor for the Leeds Ball, including immersive experiences, photo opportunities and lighting for the event.

The main challenges were the narrow time frame we had for installation, which we overcame by making sure we were well staffed and adhered to the build schedule.

Immersive and photo-worthy

Setting the
tone beautifully

Our impact

We created a large-scale entrance archway for the entrance to the site. The archway was wide enough to allow guests to move through while providing a great photo opportunity.

We provided full site décor in keeping with the theme, including outdoor lighting installations, furniture for the food and beverage area, flags, bunting, giant letters, and photo backdrops.

"Our space looks and feels amazing"


The bold, vibrant brief enabled us to be creative and take our inspiration from more sculptural and artistic references. The results were striking and cohesive, with the archway leading through into the rest of the vibrantly decorated event space.

Immersive and engaging

Bazaar have been fantastic to work with on every occasion, especially with their work on our flagship event, Leeds Ball. From concept to installation, their bespoke designs have looked amazing and have transformed the event. Our venue spaces look and feel amazing and their installations across the site are really immersive and engaging. We’ve had excellent support along the way and all the relevant health and safety documentation as and when required.

Dave Oulson

Technical Manager

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