Showcasing ESPA’s Lifestyle collection


After working with The Hut Group and ESPA previously on the brand’s Christmas advert campaign, we were asked to join forces again – this time for the launch of ESPA’s new lifestyle range. The collection covers home, lifestyle and wellbeing products, all with the luxurious feel that ESPA is known for.

Taking customers
into ESPA’s world

The brief

We were asked to design sets for a shoot to help launch ESPA’s homeware range. The aesthetics of the completed sets had to highlight the premium nature of the brand’s new lifestyle range ; we needed to help relax the customer and allow them an insight into ESPA’s luxurious world. The client entered the campaign with a dedicated vision.

They produced their own mood boards for the project that illustrated the required look and feel of the final sets, which our team worked to closely. This ensured the result aligned perfectly with their initial concept for the sets.

The challenge

While this was a relatively straightforward build, we did need to make sure the sets looked as as realistic as possible. Some of the more detailed pieces we had to include were fake windows, including a stained – glass window, panelled walls, and a hidden corridor. These pieces were a little more difficult to create, but ultimately contributed to the overall realism of the completed sets.

Realistic detailing

A unique thing about this project was that the cutaways from the sets took place outdoors. This meant that we also had to make sure our sets complemented these locations to ensure the campaign flowed effortlessly.

Showcasing a
luxury lifestyle

Our impact

With our vast experience and expertise in set building, the team at Bazaar were able to complete the sets for ESPA within the timeframes needed, and to the high standards required. With the help of detailed mood boards, we were able to align ourselves with ESPA’s vision for the campaign. This helped to ensure that ESPA could effectively tap into their customer’s emotions, portraying the luxury of their new collection through rich visuals.

Brought to life


We loved working with the team at The Hut Group on this campaign, helping them to bring their unique vision to life , from the initial mood boards to fully realised sets. The result hit the brief perfectly; the set effectively helped to showcase the luxurious, relaxed nature of ESPA’s home, lifestyle and wellbeing range to their customers.

Beautiful set

Anna and the team built a beautiful set for us to shoot a home wear launch. They brought our mood boards to life and made these sets work perfect for both photography and video requirements. The branded details within the panelling and window were the perfect detail to tie together such premium sets.

Emma Georgiou-Leonard

Senior Designer, The Hut Group

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