Step into our world


We were contacted by The Hut Group who wanted us to design the sets for ESPA’s Christmas advert campaign. We needed to bring the brand to life visually and highlight the campaign’s slogan, “step into our world”.

An immersive
luxury world

The brief

We needed to design four different themed sets for ESPA’s full – length Christmas advert. The sets had to showcase the brand’s new Jewels of Nature collection while immersing the viewer in the luxurious world of ESPA.

We were deeply involved in the project from the start, working closely with ESPA and The Hut Group to make sure their creative vision was fulfilled. For this project, it was important that we focused on the finer details of the sets
to ensure the luxury nature of the brand was reflected throughout the campaign.

The challenge

The main challenge of this project was the small timeframe we had to work to before the deadline of building the sets on site for the shoot. We only had a matter of weeks to prepare, but we overcame this with stringent planning and organisation from our team.

Capturing the detail

The main challenge we faced was time constraints. We only had a matter of weeks in which to prepare before we began building the sets on site. We also needed to ensure that the Jewels of Nature collection was highlighted appropriately throughout the sets, which needed to be both extremely detailed and immersive.

Showcasing a
luxury lifestyle

Our impact

We offered our unique knowledge of creating immersive experiences which worked extremely well in this set build. We used ingredients from the products to produce beautiful, detailed flower arrangements, and create divine smells on set. This helped the model to immersive herself in the world of ESPA and give a true representation of how good the products could make an individual feel.

We were present on shoot week to assist with any redressing of the sets in between takes and were on hand to make any alterations to the sets that the team from The Hut Group and the Director required in order for them to get the perfect shots.

Brought to life


This was an extremely enjoyable project for us, as we started it off with only a few images and storyboards from THG and were given creative freedom to make their vision come to life. We loved working closely with the team at THG throughout the build and shoot.

Exceeding expectations

I worked with Anna and the team on a big ESPA Christmas campaign for 2021. From the initial meeting, the Bazaar Studio team were onboard with our vision. They brought this to life above and beyond what we could have ever imagined. The detail of the sets and props were unbelievable, bringing to life everything we had in our heads. From giant gift boxes, to a room filled with florals, and a secret garden with product flowing from a fountain. The team were professional and hands on while on set, and were a massive part of making the campaign a success.

Emma Georgiou-Leonard

Senior Designer, The Hut Group

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