Bringing DISORA to life


We were approached by filmmaker Ben Hale who wanted us to create the sets for the shoot of Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards’ new clothing range, ‘DISORA’.

Modern and minimal

The brief

We needed to showcase the clothing campaign with three individually designed sets. To reflect the overall feel of the clothing line, the sets had to have a modern, clean and minimal finish.

To bring the sets to life, we were briefed to experiment with more adventurous elements, like water and experimental lighting techniques.

The challenge

The main issue identified by the client when contacting us was the very short timescale in which we would have to pull the project together – a matter of weeks.

Given the time frame, it was especially important that our vision aligned with the client’s, and that we were on the same page from the start. We had to experiment with concrete textures, abstract shapes, dreamlife props and water; all of which would have to work alongside the lighting to achieve the desired effect.

An aligned vision


Our impact

As always, meticulous planning and organisation throughout the team were key in order to deliver to the desired timescales. Without compromising on quality, we were able to pull our pitch together extremely quickly, along with designs and costs. This meant we could get the project moving as swiftly as possible.

We were deeply involved from the beginning when we were given just a few initial images to run with into the design process. We had regular calls with the client to make sure we were aligned on their vision for the project.

The campaign was shot in Untitled Studios, which is a completely white space. This gave us a lot of freedom to create some very exciting, abstract props. We worked closely with Ben, the videographer, to make sure we could bring his vision to life, using the effects and props together.

Brought to life


Despite the tight timeframes, we built three striking sets for the project which complemented the contemporary nature of the DISORA clothing line. The first set was a modern, concrete-effect stepped pyramid. The second was an abstract white flower that the model was able to stand in. The third set comprised of a giant, backlit moon, in front of which was an abstract rock plinth for the model to sit on.

After ensuring that our vision aligned with the client’s, we had a lot of fun coming up with and creating the stylish sets. We loved the freedom we were given to create striking, abstract props, and the client was thrilled with the end results.

Amazing experience

Working with Anna and Bazaar on the Disora project was an amazing experience from start to finish. On an extremely tight deadline Bazaar were able to come up with stylish and practical set designs that aligned with my vision, narrowing them down and tweaking them until they were exactly what we needed.

Bazaar made sure the project fitted within budget, giving options for different materials and techniques that helped us keep costs in line with what we had in mind. During set up and shooting the team were always on hand to build, change over the sets and proactively maintaining and coming up with ideas to overcome inevitable on set problems. Matt was always offering to help with other things around set that he didn’t have to, which was really accommodating. A great bunch of people, I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Ben Hale

Director and Producer

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