Bringing branding to life


Ghostwriter Events, who were partnering with Channel 5 on their ‘5 on the Farm’ festival, got in touch with us to help make the event a success.

We were tasked with providing the full site décor for the festival. We needed to bring the ‘5 on the farm’ branding to life and create some fun, family-friendly installations and photo opportunities.

A playful
festival for Channel 5

The brief

The festival was targeted at nature lovers, families and children. While we were following strict Channel 5 brand guidelines, the nature of the event gave us a little freedom to be playful with the brief.
The items we needed to provide were extensive and included bespoke signage and full main stage décor. We also needed to create several sets and installations that were both fun and memorable, while being suitable for children of all ages.

The challenge

As our client, Ghostwriter, was working alongside Channel 5, we had to work hard to ensure that the outcome aligned with both client’s visions.

We had some strict brand guidelines to follow on this project and had to be accommodating and flexible. We worked through several rounds of design amends to guarantee the client was happy with the intended results before going ahead with the build and delivery of the products.

Memorable installations

On-site, adverse weather conditions slowed down the build slightly. We also had issues with illness in the team due to Covid-19.

A hands-on

Our impact

We worked closely with Ghostwriter Events to ensure their vision came together with Channel 5’s and both were happy with the end result.

We overcame the challenges with our usual great organisation and teamwork, and had additional staff join us on the project to ensure we delivered the best possible outcome.

Because the festival took place locally, we were able to take on very a hands-on approach. Throughout the project, from the initial planning stages through to delivery, we were able to make regular visits to the site to ensure everything would work in situ.

Brought to life


We successfully delivered on bringing the festival to life visually by implementing the ‘5 on the Farm’ branding throughout the site. This included colourful festival flags, bunting, handmade bespoke signage and full main stage décor.

Additional elements that we provided were a stage set and archway for the festival’s ‘Milkshake’ area, giant 3D ‘5 on the Farm’ lettering, and an impactful brand activation for Lindeman’s Wine – one of the festival’s key sponsors.

We succeeded in creating an eye-catching on-site experience that aligned with the brand guidelines and was both fun and interactive for the festival goers.

Interactive experience

We appointed Bazaar to conceptualise and deliver multiple decor elements of 5 On the Farm. We worked closely with Anna and her team, within strict brand guidelines, to bring the event to life and deliver a customer and on-site experience which was cohesive and interactive. We can’t wait to work with Anna and her team again.

Gemma Shamah

Operations Manager, Ghostwriter Events

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